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Audio monitoring can be performed in real-time, as the audio is being recorded or played back, or during post-production, when the recorded audio is being edited and processed. In both cases, audio monitoring is an important step in ensuring the highest possible audio quality and accuracy.

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The HMC681 EVO is the ideal gaming headset for those long gaming sessions, providing a comfortable fit and an exciting sound experience. It's a choice that professional gamers will adore, as it truly immerses you in the game for an unparalleled gaming experience.
The HDB581 headphones are equipped with a 39mm driver that offers a wide and balanced frequency response, creating a great sound field. They are designed for incredibly comfortable wearing, with upgraded earpad materials and an improved headband for a better fit. These headphones are highly durable and comfortable, making them suitable for personal entertainment, professional monitoring, and various other occasions.
The headphones are equipped with a precision triple-layer diaphragm for natural sound reproduction with minimal coloration and a balanced sound field. They deliver clear resolution and an open sound field, making them ideal for bass instruments in pop and rock music.
The best-selling HD681 headphone offers rich bass, clear high resolution, and precise sound positioning. The new HD681EVO version features a sleeker design and improved neutral treble. It's ideal for stage and studio professionals seeking high-quality monitoring headphones.
The HD681 series headphones offer three distinct sound profiles, each with its own character. They deliver excellent balance and clarity with comfort, making them perfect for monitoring, tracking, mixing, or general listening.
The HD672 headphones have a specialized 50mm diaphragm for balanced sound, high sensitivity, and low impedance. They're comfortable, lightweight, and ideal for music enjoyment.
The HD671 is an over-ear headphone with a self-adjusting headband, a Φ50mm dynamic driver, and a closed-back design. It's lightweight, stylish, and offers a great fit. Despite its low impedance, it delivers extraordinary sound quality, even when connected directly to smartphones. The HD671 boasts the world's lightest contact pressure among closed-back headphones. It features soft silicone earpads for optimal comfort and isolation.
The HD669 are closed-back, circumaural headphones built for professional monitoring. They excel in high-noise environments thanks to exceptional external noise attenuation. These headphones offer balanced, high-definition sound with clarity, making them a top choice for sound engineers during recording and monitoring sessions.
The HD668B is a semi-open dynamic headphone designed for professional recording studios. Its balanced, high-definition sound is ideal for sound engineers during mixing and post-production work. The sturdy headband ensures durability, even in tough conditions, while its lightweight design and optimized pressure provide long-lasting comfort.
The HD665 headphones are ideal for drummers and bass players, offering precise bass reproduction and clear mid-high sounds. They provide excellent isolation, reducing external noise and protecting musicians' ears. With a self-adjusting headband and foam cushions, they ensure a comfortable fit. Perfect for recording, live performances, or jamming along with music tracks.
The HD662 series offers three sound profiles: HD662 for rich bass, HD662F for true bass, and HD662B for powerful bass. They provide a clear, balanced sound with comfort and versatility for monitoring, mixing, or casual listening.
The HD660PRO offers precise, natural sound with neutral frequency response. It's great for studio, broadcasting, and post-production with improved comfort and two impedance options for various needs.
The HD660PRO offers precise, natural sound with neutral frequency response. It's great for studio, broadcasting, and post-production with improved comfort and two impedance options for various needs.
The HD572 are supra-aural closed-back headphones, offering excellent noise isolation and a comfortable fit. They provide powerful bass, clear mids, and detailed highs, even in noisy environments. With foldable swing-arms for one-sided monitoring and a compact design, they're perfect for studio and DJ use.
RODE's RØDECaster Pro II audio production software is ideal for content creators such as streamers, podcasters, and musicians. It features with Neutrik™ combo jacks and world-class revolution Preamps™ along with studio-quality APHEX® audio processing and effects on-board
The AKG's K701 is a reference class premium headphones with revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology, patented AKG varimotion ultra-precision 2-layer diaphragm, and self-adjusting, cushioned headband.