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Superlux HD572 Heaphone Audio Monitoring

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The HD572 are supra-aural closed-back headphones, offering excellent noise isolation and a comfortable fit. They provide powerful bass, clear mids, and detailed highs, even in noisy environments. With foldable swing-arms for one-sided monitoring and a compact design, they're perfect for studio and DJ use.
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Superlux HD572 Heaphone Audio Monitoring. The HD572 supr a-aural close-back headphones have a high sound pressure level capability, a very comfortable fit, and superior noise isolation from outside sounds. The HD572 has a strong bass punch that is specifically engineered to transmit the force of drumming, and the increased mid- and high-frequency ranges provide exceptional clarity and detail that perform well even in loud settings.

One-sided monitoring is possible with the folding swing-arms, which can be folded up into a little package that practically takes up no room in your backpack. These headphones are perfect for studio and DJ use due to all of these characteristics as well as a broad, comfy, moulded, and detented adjustable headband. The HD572's comfortable design is as stunning as its potent bass end and precise sonic imaging.

General Features
• Folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring
• Wide, comfortable headband
• Detented adjustable headband
• High SPL capability 

Frequency Response :
:20~20,000 Hz
Max. Input Power :
:200 mW
Connector :
:Gold-plated stereo mini plug
Net Weight :
:130g(4.58 oz)