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Superlux HD688 Headphone Audio Monitoring

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The headphones are equipped with a precision triple-layer diaphragm for natural sound reproduction with minimal coloration and a balanced sound field. They deliver clear resolution and an open sound field, making them ideal for bass instruments in pop and rock music.
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Superlux HD688 Headphone Audio Monitoring. It with a triple-layer diaphragm that has been custom-made for ultra-high precision to reproduce natural sounds more accurately and with less colouring. Especially for the flexibility and enduring attractiveness of the bass instrument, which is ideal for pop and rock, you can hear the crisp resolution of each component and open sound field.


• Tailored ultra-high precision double layers film design.
• Low distortion, keep high sound quality.
• Detachable single side design.
• 40 Ω impedance to provide best use with portable device which can also be used with the high-definition headphone amplifier system. 

Frequency Response :
10-30,000 Hz
Maximum Power :
200 mW
Net Weight (without cable) :
250 g (8.8 oz)