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Superlux HD681EVO Headphone Audio Monitoring

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The best-selling HD681 headphone offers rich bass, clear high resolution, and precise sound positioning. The new HD681EVO version features a sleeker design and improved neutral treble. It's ideal for stage and studio professionals seeking high-quality monitoring headphones.
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Superlux HD681EVO Headphone Audio Monitoring . A premium headphone with deep bass, pristine clarity, high resolution, and precise sound field positioning is the best-selling HD681. A completely redesigned, more slim body and a better, smoother, more neutral treble tone are now features of the new HD681EVO updated version. The HD681EVO readily satisfies the standards for high-quality sound in monitoring headphones set by stage and studio pros.

General Features

• New styling and more slender design, plus an improved smoother, more neutral, treble tone
• 50mm large-diaphragm speaker unit to reproduce accurate sound and large dynamic
• Semi-open acoustic design
• Aural design provides natural sound, able to maintain a comfortable feel during prolonged use
• Self-adjusting headband provides the best fit
• Detachable, single side cable
• Optional two colors: black and white 

Frequency Response :
:10~30,000 Hz
Maximum Power :
:300 mW
Earpad :
Net Weight(without cable) :
:265g(9.3 oz)