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Superlux HD668 Headphone Audio Monitoring

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The HD668B is a semi-open dynamic headphone designed for professional recording studios. Its balanced, high-definition sound is ideal for sound engineers during mixing and post-production work. The sturdy headband ensures durability, even in tough conditions, while its lightweight design and optimized pressure provide long-lasting comfort.
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Superlux HD668 Headphone Audio Monitoring. Drummers and b ass players will benefit greatly from the HD665's clear mid-high sound profile and well-defined bass reproduction. They offer vital protection from potential harm by giving excellent isolation and significantly lowering levels of outside sound that reach a musician's ears. Foam cushions and a self-adjusting headband guarantee an excellent fit and optimum comfort. The HD665 is excellent for live performances, recording, and accompanying yourself to music.

General Features

• High resolution drivers
• Precision tuned acoustic chamber
• Patented durable structure
• Comfortable, self-adjusting headband pads
• Detachable, single side cable 

Frequency Response :
:10~30,000 Hz
Max. Input Power :
:300 mW
Ear Pads :
Net Weight(without cable) :
:222g(7.8 oz)