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Frequently Asked Questions


We accept these payment methods:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Credit Card
  3. Touch n Go/QR pay (RM 3000 and below only)


What items are required to pre-order?

  1. Depends on stock availability, if no ready stock, the item will be pre-order products and the estimated time arrival is based on the product
  2. You can contact us to inquire whether the item is ready stock or pre-order before making payment
  3. Deposit will have to pay for 50% of the total amount. DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE UNLESS WE CANNOT FULFILL YOUR REQUEST.

How can I order items?

You can order through several ways:

  1. our website
  2. contact us through WhatsApp (+6013-8118613)
  3. walk-in our physical shop (Our location)

How can I cancel or change my order?

  1. Contact us within ONE (1) day to request cancel/change order
  2. We will not accept refund or change item after we have shipped out the order

Can I add items if I have an existing order?

  1. You can add items into your existing order if the order is not shipped out yet
  2. You must make payment for the add-on items before we ship out
  3. Extra delivery charges will be incurred for the additional weight


We provide the following logistic services to customers:

  1. GDEX
  2. Lalamove (same day delivery)
  3. Sabah/Sarawak Logistic Specialist
  4. Posstore

When will you ship out my order?

  1. We will ship the item within 1-2 working days once the order has been confirmed
  2. Orders created on weekends will be shipped out on the following week

How is the shipping fee calculated?

Shipping cost may vary based on the weight of the products

How can I track my order?

Tracking code will be provided to you upon ship out.

Return, Refund, Repair, Exchange

I have received damaged products. What should I do?

  1. You should contact us if receive damaged or defect products
  2. If it is internal damage (technical problem), please return the damaged products to us , return is not accepted if it is external (physical) damage
  3. We will check on the issues of the product and will provide latest update as soon as possible
  4. You are required to bring along the receipt, the original boxing/casing of the products to us

Can I request refund for the damaged products?

  1. We will make decisions after we identify the issues on the returned product
  2. You are required to bring along the receipt, the original boxing/casing of the products to us

Do you accept product repairings?

  1. We accept branded products for repairing, please discuss further with us
  2. Labour fee for checking is RM150 (except products that are still under warranty)
  3. Labour fee must be paid first before we check on the issues
  4. Further charges will be incurred based on the damages of the product (except products that still under warranty)
  5. We will inform customer once the item is ready to be collected

Can I exchange products?

  1. You will have one chance to exchange for new products if it is still under warranty
  2. You can request to exchange products under these conditions:
  3. i. Contact us immediately for an exchange

    ii. The products must be in a good condition and the boxes are not opened


Do your products have warranty?

  1. Warranty duration varies based on the products
  2. Specific Minkez products have 10 Years warranty