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The Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M is a versatile, ultra-compact PA system that's perfect for small and medium-sized venues. Packing 1000-watts of power, the Evolve 30M can be used on its own by solo artists or daisy-chained with other units for larger venues with ensembles.
RM 4500.00
The PreSonus AudioBox iTwo USB audio interface is an outstanding solution for two-channel recording applications.
RM 899.00
RM 959.00
The PC260 digital loudspeaker controller is based on the CORE DSP platform and feature state-of-the-art signal processing, advanced functions and a very intuitive UI, with a direct access to all the editing functions and remote control capability. The 40bit floating point resolution and the 24bit AD/DA converters ensure a perfect signal integrity with a dynamic range in excess of 110dB, for a superior sonic performance.
RM 4810.00
Sound System Package / PA System Package Ideal for Religious Centre Like Surau & Masjid.
RM 2040.00
Built-in 10 zone selectors, which can be expanded to 300 zones.
RM 1870.00
With independent volume control and MASTER volume control
RM 990.00
With external mute controls for all the channels.
RM 1700.00
Provide a combined audio source for the broadcasting system, and manually control the CD, MP3, Bluetooth and radio players.
RM 1430.00
Horn Speaker Ideal for Most of the Application Included Religious Event and Centre.
RM 325.00
Horn Speaker Ideal for Religious Centre Like Surau, Masjid and Church.
RM 495.00
Support 8 main amplifier and 1 standby amplifier.
RM 4400.00
RM 264.00