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Superlux HD681 Headphone Audio Monitoring

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The HD681 series headphones offer three distinct sound profiles, each with its own character. They deliver excellent balance and clarity with comfort, making them perfect for monitoring, tracking, mixing, or general listening.
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Superlux HD681 Headphone Audio Monitoring. Three separate sound profiles, each with its own personality, are offered by the HD681 series of headphones. Additionally, these three headphones offer superb harmony and clarity. These headphones are incredibly comfortable thanks to their lightweight, ergonomically designed vinyl ear pieces, as well as their self-adjusting headband. Your HD681 series headphones should provide you with comfort and sound correctness whether you're monitoring, tracking, mixing, or simply listening to an MP3 or other audio source.

General Features

• Accurate and detailed sound greatly enhances your listening experience
• Self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort
• Single-sided, straight cable 

Frequency Response :
Maximum Power :
:300 mW
Earpad :
Net Weight :
:276g(9.75 oz)