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Soundcraft SIPERFORMER 1 Audio Digital Mixer

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In a single sentence, the Si Performer 1 is a fully featured compact digital audio mixer with a maximum of 80 inputs available to mix, with onboard Lexicon, BSS, Dbx and Studer DSP, and incorporating a single universe of DMX512 lighting control.
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What if you could control your music and lighting from one console? Sweetwater is the place to be if you're looking for a new board. A rackmount digital mixer with a built-in DMX controller, the Soundcraft Si Performer 1. The Si Performer 1 is suited for severe audio mixing responsibilities, with 16 recallable mic preamps, 16 faders, flexible busing, and inbuilt Lexicon FX processors. When you add in the onboard lighting control, you have a tool that allows one person to run the show - ideal for schools, churches, touring theatrical companies, and conference facilities. With the Soundcraft Si Performer 1, you can do it all.

Soundcraft has designed a digital audio console with a built-in DMX controller, which is a first for the company. Consider what this means: from a central position, one person may control sound and lighting. Until until, running a lighting rig necessitated the purchase of a separate lighting board (with its own operator) as well as a location to store it. It's a brave new world for churches, schools, theatre companies, conference facilities, and other organisations.

Four stereo Lexicon FX processors are included in the Soundcraft Si Performer consoles. You may edit to your heart's content with completely configurable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo buttons. Because these FX are hardware-based, they won't interfere with your other processing in any way - all of your dynamics, EQ, filters, delays, and GEQs will always be available, no questions asked.

The Si Performer 1 is a Soundcraft digital mixer with vast features and outstanding audio quality, thanks to cutting-edge DSP. Our Sales Engineers at Sweetwater are well-versed in the fundamentals of FOH mixing, and they've been recommending Soundcraft digital boards without reservation for years. The Si Performer 1 is a fantastic value, with massive processing power, bulletproof durability, impressive flexibility, amazing ease of use, and built-in lighting control features. Soundcraft delivers exactly what you'd expect.

Soundcraft Si Performer 1 Digital Console with DMX Control Features:

  • Digital audio mixing facilities married to a DMX controller
  • Up to 80 inputs on mixdown, in a compact rackmount unit
  • 16 mic preamps, 16-fader configuration
  • Freely assignable fader layers for ultimate control of the mix surface
  • FaderGlow and Channel Displays for instant mix status
  • DMX interface lets you control sound and light simultaneously
  • Eight VCAs, eight mute groups
  • Two Option Card slots for ViSi Connect expansion cards
  • Four bands of fully parametric EQ
  • LCR panning, eight line inputs, 20 mix busses
  • Four Lexicon FX engines/busses; tOTEM sends on faders
  • Color touchscreen; GEQ on every output
  • Ships with removable side cheeks
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