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Soundcraft UI24-R Audio Digital Mixer
The Soundcraft Ui24R is a complete, rack-mountable, digital mixing and multi-track recording system that delivers flexible I/O, pristine sound quality, intuitive wireless control, and roadworthy reliability—all in a streamlined design.
JBL KX200 Full Featured Karaoke Digital Processor
The JBL's KX200 is a full featured karaoke digital processor with dbx patented AFS™ technology, two separate and adjustable microphone input channels.
WHARFEDALE SL824 USB 12 Channels Mixer/ Mixing Console (SL824USB)
The WHARFEDALE's SL824USB mixer is a 12 channels mixer with built-in full duplex 2 In/2 Out 16-Bit 48kHz USB interface, dedicated USB recording bus, switchable line, and built-in digital FX with dedicated send.
WHARFEDALE SL1224USB 14 Channels Mixer/ Mixing Console
The WHARFEDALE's SL1224USB is a 14 channels mixer with built-in full duplex 2 In/2 Out 16-Bit 48kHz USB interface, dedicated USB recording bus, switchable line, and built-in digital FX with dedicated send.
The WHARFEDALE's CONNECT 1202FX USB digital mixer with 16 total inputs, 16 bit / 48kHz built in USB audio interface, and 80Hz HPF on first 4 channels, is the ideal companion for small scale live performances and discreet sound installations.
ZOOM L8 8 Channel Digital Mixer Recorder
Creators are evolving—and so are we. Zoom LiveTrak L-8 makes it easier than ever to mix, monitor, and record professional-sounding Podcasts and music performances in one portable, affordable package.
ZOOM L20R 20-Channel Digital Mixer Recorder
The Zoom LiveTrak™ L-20R is a rack-mountable digital mixer that allows musicians to control their live mix right from the stage with the use of an iPad. With wireless control, 20 discrete channels, 22 tracks of recording and six custom monitor mixes, the L-20R offers a complete solution for any venue.
ZOOM L20 20 Channel Digital Mixer Recorder
The LiveTrak™ L-20 is the new digital console offering everything creators need to mix, monitor, and record complex productions. With 20 discrete audio channels and six individual custom monitor mixes, it’s built for bigger, bolder arrangements.
ZOOM L12 12 Channel Digital Mixer Recorder
With the LiveTrak L‑12, you can finally mix, record, and monitor with a single piece of gear. It’s the only digital console that lets you mix your live performance and record up to 12 discrete channels – all while providing five individual custom headphone mixes.
PROEL PC260 2 In 6 Out Digital Signal Audio Processor with RTA, SPLM and PRONET Remote Control
The PROEL's PC260 is a digital mixer that based on the CORE DSP platform and includes cutting-edge signal processing, advanced functionality, and a simple user interface with direct access to all editing operations and remote control capability.
PROEL MQ12USB Compact 12 Channels Audio Mixer with FX and USB
The PROEL's MQ12USB is digital mixer that provides a high input density, a full set of capabilities, and exceptional audio quality in a very compact and elegant package at a very affordable price point. It built in ultra-rugged enclosures designed and engineered in Italy, ensuring extended endurance for stage-proof use.
PROEL MQ10FX Compact 10 Channels Audio Mixer with FX
MQ is a series of mixers created by PROEL to offer in a very compact and stylish package a high input density, a full set of features and a superior audio quality, at a very convenient price point.
Behringer FLOW 8 8-Input Digital Mixer
The BEHRINGER's FLOW 8 8-input digital mixer has an easy-to-use interface, automatic preamps, and an intuitive stage view so you can create your mix right away. It features ultra-low noise, high headroom digital mixer with wireless remote control and so on.
Behringer X32 RACK 40 Input 25 Bus Digital Rack Mixer With 16 Programmable Midas Preamps USB Audio Interface
BEHRINGER's X32 RACK can be your top-notch digital mixer studio recording interface today, manipulate a complicated theater production tomorrow, or sit securely in your side-rack even as you mix your band’s club gig out of your iPad. Featuring 40-input channel, 25-bus, 3U rack-mountable digital mixer.
Behringer X32 Compact 40 Input 25 Bus Digital Mixing Console
The BEHRINGER's X32 Compact is a set of digital mixer packs everything you want to effortlessly mix and record a live show right into a svelte, roadworthy package. Featuring all new capabilities for control your speaker.
Behringer WING Digital Mixer *NEW*
BEHRINGER's Wing is a digital mixer with 48-Channel, 28-Bus Full Stereo Digital Mixing Console with 24-Fader Control Surface and 10" Touch Screen. Featuring Midas PRO mic and outputs onboard.
Mackie DL32R Digital Rackmount Mixer
The Mackie DL32R™ delivers 32-channels of powerful digital mixing controlled wirelessly from the extremely intuitive Master Fader™ iPad® app.
Yamaha TFRACK Rackmount Digital Mixer
The Yamaha TF-RACK is a compact, rackmount version of the TF Series, offering the same levels of performance and groundbreaking operability.