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Peavey PVXP10 10" 510W Powered Speaker

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510W 10" Powered Speaker with 1" Compression Driver, Quadratic Throat Waveguide Technology, DDT Compression, Asymmetrical Horn, Pole Mount, Plastic Injection-molded Trapezoidal Enclosure, and DSP (each)
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A Portable Loudspeaker with Onboard DSP
The lightweight, road-ready Peavey PVXp 10 DSP powered speaker provides you with the sound reinforcement you need. Pumping a muscular 510 watts through a powerful 10" woofer and 1" titanium compression driver, the PVXp 10 DSP delivers the chest-thumping low end, smooth response, low distortion, and excellent high-frequency dispersion you demand. You can tailor your sound further with this speaker's built-in digital processing. An ultra-rugged injection-molded trapezoidal enclosure and scuff-resistant powder-coated steel grille are the keys to the PVXp 10 DSP's durability, allowing it to easily withstand the routine wear that comes with transporting your speakers. If you're looking for a portable PA speaker with plenty of power and projection, the PVXp 10 DSP is a top performer.

Easy-to-transport, lightweight design
No one likes hauling around heavy gear. That's why Peavey built the PVXp 10 DSP to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing durability. What's more, the PVXp 10 DSP features a number of molded-in cabinet handles for extra grab-and-go convenience. And when it comes to flying PVXp 10 DSP speakers, multiple in-cabinet fly points make the job easy.

Built tough for life on the road
Peavey PVXp 10 DSP speakers are so lightweight, you may just be tempted to literally throw them in the back of your truck. Of course, we at Vbizz don't recommend this, but if you do, your PVXp 10 DSP will probably shrug off the abuse without a problem. That's because Peavey built their PVXp 10 DSP enclosures from high-tech molded plastic, which absorbs shock and resists scratches like a champ.

Plenty of power and projection
Whether you're blasting music, amplifying vocals, or just need a good speaker for speech sound reinforcement, your Peavey PVXp 10 DSP will do the trick. It packs 510 watts of power, driving a pair of highly efficient speakers — a pair of PVXp 10 DSPs can easily cover audiences in the hundreds. What's more, built-in pole mounts let you easily elevate your loudspeakers, increasing their effective range. And the PVXp 10 DSP's asymmetrical horn is engineered to deliver your sound where you need it (not over your audience's heads), maximizing its dispersion.

PVXp 15 DSP model is shown.
Optimize your sound with Advanced DSP
It's easy to get the most out of your Peavey PVXp 10 DSP, thanks to its state-of-the-art design. Built-in DSP tailors your sound to just about any situation you're likely to encounter. Tune your speaker's performance for EDM, rock, country, hip-hop, or acoustic music, or optimize it for spoken word presentations. You can also adapt the PVXp 10 DSP to various environments and configurations, such as a typical church setting, with/without a subwoofer, indoors/outdoors, or as a stage monitor.

Peavey PVXp 10 DSP Features:

  • 10" heavy-duty woofer delivers chest-thumping low end
  • RX 10N compression driver with 1" titanium diaphragm delivers smooth high-end response
  • Ultra-reliable fan-cooled power amps with DDT compression
  • Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology, 150 by 60-degree coverage
  • Asymmetrical horn aims the sound down to 10 degrees (at the audience, not over their heads)
  • Mic/Line switch provides two different gain settings
  • Tailor your sound to different environments and configurations with built-in DSP
  • Durable plastic injection-molded trapezoidal enclosure
  • Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grilles, with powder-coat finish
  • Pole mount molded-in for 1-3/8" diameter poles
  • Top and bottom flying point inserts
  • Extra angled section on right side allows for floor monitor use
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