MIPRO MA202ACT 56W Portable PA System

The MIPRO's MA202ACT is a light and compact personal wireless PA system with shoulder-carrying strap. It is ideal for use at school classrooms, places of worship, presentations, seminars and meetings.

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The MIPRO's MA202ACT is a portable, battery powered speaker that's suited for small to medium crowds. MA202ACT portable PA system has high efficiency 56-watt audio output with class-D amplifier drives 2-way loudspeakers, one-touch Scan & ACT sync buttons for fast and easy channel set-up. It also comes with a convenient storage compartment and battery charger for ACT-202T handheld microphone, and a optional ACT-30H handheld transmitter for improved sound quality.

  • Powerful 56-watt audio output with D-class amplifier and 2-way speakers.
  • Fast and easy channel set-up with "AutoScan" & "ACT" technology.
  • USB port and SD card reader play MP3 songs.
  • LCD displays MP3 tracks and status.
  • MP3 tracks can be quickly found via fast search control.
  • Optional high-capacity lithium battery module.
  • 8 hours continuous operation per charge.
  • A smart 4-segment (25/50/75/100%) rechargeable battery meter.
  • Built-in ACT-202T handheld transmitter charger and battery status meter.
  • Built-in level control in ACT-202T allows volume adjustment wirelessly.
  • Built-in ACT-202T battery charger inside the storage compartment.
  • Up to 2 mics can be used simultaneously (1 wireless & 1 wired).
  • Separate volume controls for wireless, wired microphones and line-input.
  • Line-input for an external digital audio player.
  • A single wireless mic can broadcast to multiple MA-202 (same channel).
  • Hand carry or stand mount, shoulder-carrying strap included.
  • Handles crowds up to 500.
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UHF 480~934 MHz
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