MIPRO MA100DB/ACT32H Portable PA System

The MIPRO's MA100DB/ACT32H is a portable PA system that includes single-channel compact personal wireless megaphone and a handheld microphone transmitter. It is ideal for playgrounds, auctioneers, marriage celebrants, meetings and safety marshals use.

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The MIPRO's MA100DB/ACT32H portable PA system that includes MA-100DU single-channel compact personal wireless megaphone and a ACT32H handheld microphone transmitter. It is suitable to install in classrooms, day-care facilities, playgrounds & parks, corporate meetings, seminars.

The MA100 powered speaker is available in three separate frequency bands (6A, 6B, and 6C), allowing several units to be operated in the same region without interfering with each other. It is also available with a built-in USB MP3 player and recorder in either single or dual receiver configurations. MA-100 is equipped with a Class-D amplifier that delivers 50 watts of power for strong and clean sound projection. The Scan and ACTTM sync mechanism detects the clearest operational frequency (from 16 scannable frequencies) and syncs the transmitter with a single touch. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, and the 4-segment LED battery indicator lets you quickly know how much power is remaining. 

The ACT32H cardioid condenser microphone is a portable wireless microphone transmitter that collects sound evenly. It features high fidelity, wide dynamic range, fast transient responses, good feedback rejection, accurate sound-image characteristics, transparent sound quality, and maximal SPL tolerate. ACT32H has a reversible end cap that can be used to lock the power on/off switch to prevent inadvertent power-off during use and a multi-layered metal grille that protects the capsule from impact, rolling, and pop noise.

MA100DU Single-Channel Compact Personal Wireless Megaphone

  • Ultra light, ultra compact and ultra portable design.
  • Powerful and crystal-clear sound projection.
  • Built-in 1 or 2 diversity receivers for reliable, extended reception range.
  • One-touch Scan & ACT sync button for fast and easy channel set-up.
  • User-friendly control panel provides intuitive easy operation.
  • Accepts wired & wireless microphones.
  • USB music player & recorder with LCD screen.
  • Built-in alarm siren provides emergency warnings.
  • High efficiency class-D amplifier drives 5" full-range loudspeaker with level limiter.
  • AC and lithium rechargeable battery operation.
  • 10-12 hours of stand-by time per 4-hour full charge.
  • A smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery reading and charging status.
  • 3.5mm line-input accepts external MP3, iPod or CD player.

ACT-32H Handheld Transmitter

  • Extremely rugged, ergonomically designed housing.
  • The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling, pop noise and ensures sound clarity.
  • The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille for condenser capsules and round top for dynamic capsules protect the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise. The upper grille is able to be detached easily for cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • Premium true condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.
  • Proprietary lockable silent on/off switch to avoid accidental power-off during performance.
  • Impact-resistant battery compartment holds 2 AA batteries.
  • Interchangeable colored rings for microphone channel identification on stage.
  • LCD displays group, channel, battery level & error message codes.
  • Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability. Patented “Built-in” antenna design.
  • World’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.
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UHF 480~934MHz
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