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FLEPCHER PS 9024 24Vdc Power Supply

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The FLEPCHER's PS9024 is a 24Vdc power supply with LED interface to indicate status, short-circuit, overload, self-healing, and over-voltage protection.
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The FLEPCHER's PS9024 is a power supply unit that delivers a 24V DC output voltage with a maximum of 4A for rack-mounted PA system equipment. This public address system also serves as a changeover unit for equipment with 24V DC inputs during a power loss, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted power supply even when unforeseen occurrences occur. The PS 9024 transforms any AC power source to a DC power output for any equipment with a 24V DC input, such as a volume controller, when used in a PA system. It takes up only 1U of rack space per unit.

  • Back-up battery of 24V DC SLA
  • LED interface to indicate status
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Self-healing protection
  • Over-voltage protection
Brand :
Model :
Connectors :
DC and AC power interface
Power Requirement :
220-240 VAC 50-60Hz, 24V DC
Rating Output Voltage :
24V DC
Dimension :
484 X 154 X 88 mm
Weight :
3 kg
Finish :