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FLEPCHER PA 500BMKIII 500W Power Amplifier

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The FLEPCHER's PA 500BMKIII 500W power amplifier has reliable protection against overload, short circuits and power fluctuation for optimum reliability.
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The FLEPCHER's PA 500BMKIII 500W power amplifier is a new models that more powerful, have a nicer design, and are of higher quality. All MKIII models now only take up 2U in system racks, freeing up space for additional uses. The PA Series is designed to meet today's complicated and demanding public address requirements. It is designed to be tough so that people may rely on it for years. Depending on the application, it can produce pure audio power ranging from 120 watts to 500 watts. PA 500BMKIII is dependable, high-quality components such as toroidal transformers, significant heat sinking, and forced fan cooling all combined to keep the machine running at a steady, efficient speed. 

  • 100V / 70V constant voltage outputs with 4ohms speaker outputs
  • 4ohms constant resistance outputs
  • Reliable protection against overload, short circuits and power fluctuation for optimum reliability
  • Intelligent limiter
  • Heat sinks and fan to protect against overheating
  • Rubber pads and oblong mounting holes for easy installation
  • Support DC 24V Power Supply
Brand :
Model :
Rate Power AC220V :
Rate Power DC24V :
Frequency Response :
70Hz-20kHz ± 1 dB
Low Cut :
300Hz ± 3 dB
Damping Factor :
Slew Rate :
Input Impedance :
Voltage Gain (8Ω) :
Amplifier Type :
class AB
Input Part :
Balance Input XLR Female Socket, Unbalance Input XLR Male Socket
Dimensions (W x D x H) :
484mm x 410mm x 88mm
Net Weight :
Power :
AC240 ± 10V/DC24V (17-29V)