FLEPCHER MTPRO500 2X500W, 2U Power Amplifier

The FLEPCHER's MTPRO500 is a professional power amplifier with LED indicators, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, current inrush protection, making it perfect for uses in cafés, stadiums, and cinemas.

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The FLEPCHER's MTPRO500 is a 2U power amplifier that designed to be versatile. This professional power amplifier is available in a variety of power ratings to fit any installation. The amplifier's 2U form allows it to be equipped with up to four fans for a robust ventilation system. Its compact form allows it to be fitted in a budget system without sacrificing sound quality. Its good quality-to-price ratio allows it to be used in a variety of settings, including lounges, cafés, stadiums, cinemas, and conference rooms.

  • Professional audio & video presentations sound system
  • Suitable for outdoor application and theatre places
  • Fixed installation system
  • LED indicators
  • Short circuit protection, high temperature protection, current inrush protection
  • DC protection, Turn-on/off protection
Brand :
Model :
Rated Power 8 Ω :
2 x 500W
1KHZ 0.1% THD 4 Ω :
2 x 750W
1KHZ 0.1% THD 2 Ω :
2 x 900W
Mono Bridge 8 Ω :
Mono Bridge 4 Ω :
Frequency Response :
1W 8ohm Stereo, 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Sensitivity :
8ohm Stereo & 1KHz, 0.775V, 1.0V, 1.44V
Connector :
Female XLR & Jack
Input Impedance :
10K/20K ohms, unbalanced or balanced
Cross Talk :
20Hz ~ 20KHz at 8ohm ≥65dB
S/N Ratio :
8 Ω Rated Power ≥100dB
Slew Rate :
≥40 V/µs
Power Supply :
Damping Factor :
Dimensions (W x D x H) :
2U: 483mm x 450mm x 88mm
Weight :
20 kg