FLEPCHER EP9062 Emergency Panel with Handheld Mic

The FLEPCHER's EP9062 emergency panel with a built-in siren, a message recorder, and handheld mic. It features short circuit to activate ALL CALL at zone selector.

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The FLEPCHER's EP9062 is specifically designed for use in emergency scenarios. Users with access to the public address system, such as firefighters, can make announcements to all zones connected to the system. It has a built-in siren, a message recorder, and a portable microphone. Furthermore, the portable microphone takes precedence over BGM and standard paging. When the portable microphone is engaged, the EP-9062 includes an advanced Paging Microphone Automatic Activation (PMAA) feature that sends short-circuit impulses to activate ALL CALL at the zone selector. Siren/Rec messages can be manually or automatically activated in response to a received alarm signal.

  • “Fire” LED display panel with flashing indicator
  • 50 seconds message recording
  • Short circuit to activate ALL CALL at zone selector
  • Built-in siren
  • Volume control for handheld mic and recording mic
Brand :
Model :
Power Supply :
24V DC/500mA
Rec Signal Input :
MIC Input ≥ 8mV, Unbalanced; LINE Input ≥ 330mV, Unbalanced
Balance Output :
SIREN/PLAY/EMIC ≥ +5V, ≤ -5V, Balanced signal
Alarm Input :
Short-circuit signal input
Trigger Output :
Short-circuit signal activation output
Alarm Activation Mode :
Manual operation/ Short-circuit signal
Power Consumption :
< 10W
Dimension (W x D x H) :
484mm x 366mm x 88mm
Weight :