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FLEPCHER BS301W 3W Weather Proof Box Speaker

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The FLEPCHER's BS301W is a 3W weather proof box speaker that created in white finish ABS panels to match with the environment. It delivers high-quality and crystal sound, making it perfect for boutique shops, cafés of background music speaker system.

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The FLEPCHER's BS301W weather proof box speaker is designed to blend in with the environment and will certainly evade public scrutiny. This public address system is small but capable of reproducing crisp, high-quality music, making it ideal for boutique shops, cafés, and lounges where the sound produced compliments the atmosphere. The BS-301W can be used as part of a background music speaker system or a public announcement system, with a frequency response of 400Hz-10kHz and a power rating of 3W. Adding the BS-301 to your speaker system would be a fantastic addition.

  • 3W Weather Proof Box Speaker
  • Ideal for boutique shops, cafés, and lounges
  • Background music speaker system
  • Frequency Response of 400Hz-10kHz
Brand :
Model :
Rated Power :
Frequency Response :
SPL (1W, 1M) dB :
Impedance :
8 Ohm
Tapping Power :
Line Input :
Dimension (HxWxD) :
120 x 120 x 60mm
IP Rating :
IP 44
Material & Finish :
ABS; White
Speaker :
3 inch
Weight :