Yamaha VXC 5FW 4" 80W Ceiling Speaker - Pair

Yamaha VXC5W Ceiling Loud Speaker, lightweight construction and flexible design can easily adapt to the strictest installation limitations

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Yamaha created the new VXC and VXS speakers to work with an increasing number of installation options. These speakers have been meticulously engineered for safe and easy installation, as well as delivering classic Yamaha sound quality. These speaker series offer a complete selection of types that are available in either black or white, or can be painted to fit the interior of any application, and are available in both ceiling and surface mount choices.

  • 4.5" full-range speaker unit
  • Engineered for optimum BGM reproduction
  • Wide coverage allows a single speaker to cover a wide area
  • Direct support for low-impedance or high-impedance connections
  • Low-profile design facilitates installation in limited ceiling spaces
  • Built-in carrying band increases safety during installation
  • Anti-drop tab mechanism provide secure temporary positioning during installation
  • Double-threaded speaker clamp screws for speedy tightening
  • Paintable grilles with magnetic catches
  • Black and white versions available
Attr 100V High Impedance :
30 W/ 15W/ 7.5 W
Attr 70V High Impedance :
30 W/ 15 W/ 7.5 W/ 3.8 W
Continuous Power :
Frequency Range :
60 Hz – 20 kHz (Half-space:2π)
Impedance :
8 Ohm
Manufacturer :
Maximum Peak SPL :
Model :
Length (cm) :