TOA DM1200 Microphone

The DM-1200 microphone is designed for speech applications and features high intelligibility.

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The TOA Electronics DM-1200 is a handheld cardioid dynamic microphone offering a frequency response tailored for reproduction of vocals and speech in concert venues, lectures, houses of worship, and presentations. Its dynamic element requires no power source and delivers a frequency response of 50 Hz to 12 kHz. The cardioid polar pattern rejects sound behind the mic, yielding enhanced immunity to feedback and decreased pickup of room ambience.

An on/off switch is provided for convenient muting of the mic between speeches or performances. The DM-1200 features a rugged die-cast zinc body that is made to withstand the rigors of heavy road use. It ships with a universal stand adapter and a shielded 32.8' XLR to 1/4" cable.

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Dynamic Element
  • 50 Hz to 12 kHz Frequency Response
  • High Immunity to Feedback
  • On/Off Switch
  • XLR 3-Pin Connector
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Includes Universal Stand Adapter
  • Includes Shielded XLR to 1/4" Cable
Manufacturer :
Microphone Frequency Response :
50 - 12K Hz
Microphone Output Impedance :
600 Ω
Microphone Polar Pattern :
Uni Directional
Microphone Type :
Model :