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Soundcraft NANO M16 Audio Analog USB Mixer

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SOUNDCRAFT NANO series M16 are professional compact analog mixers with exceptional quality, high reliability, cutting-edge and fashionable appearance design, natural and smooth sound interpretation, open and accurate sound, and are ideal for band performances, professional recording, and fixed installation applications.
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The NANO Series multi-channel analog mixer is based on SOUNDCRAFT's famed workmanship and is designed to fulfil a wide range of application needs, including live performance, studio recording, and fixed installations. In its product portfolio, NANO Series has two models: M16 (16 channels) is a breakthrough in design, quality, and performance. M16 has all of the features you'll need for live mixing and studio recording: 8/16 mono input channels with ultra-low noise discrete MIC preamps and +48V phantom power; 4 stereo input channels; each mono input channel with 3-band EQ and sweepable MID; each stereo input channel with 4-band EQ; 4 auxiliary controls; 12-segment output level metre; 2-track input routable to main mix, control room / headphones.


  • Ultra-low noise discrete MIC preamp with +48V phantom power.
  • 8 / 16 mono input channels and 4 stereo input channels.
  • Each input channel accepts balanced XLR MIC input and TRS LINE input.
  • Low cut for each MIC input.
  • Each mono input channel is equipped with 3-band EQ, sweepable MID and PEAK LED.
  • 2 stereo input channels accept mono XLR or TRS input; 2 stereo input
  • channels accepts RCA input.
  • Each stereo input channel is equipped with 4-band EQ and PEAK LED.
  • 8 compressor controls and 8 channel insert points.
  • AUX 1 & AUX 2 send post/pre-fader signal for monitoring or external effects; AUX 3 & FX send post-fader for internal effects or monitoring.
  • PFL/MUTE and 60mm fader for each channel.
  • GR1/2, GR3/4 and MAIN L-R buss assignment for each channel.
  • MAIN MIX installs a pair of balanced XLR and a pair of unbalanced TRS
  • connectors and can be equalized via a 7-band GEQ.
  • MAIN MIX supports external effect insert.
  • 24-bit DSP processor provides up to 100 effect presets.
  • USB player for MP3 playback and recording.
  • Switch-mode power supply for 100-240Voltage.
  • USB port for MAIN MIX recording or playback through CH 15/16 (M16) or CH 23/24 (M24).
  • Cutting-edge and eye-catching design. Uniquely-designed Atmos Meter
  • adds extra visual effects to live performance
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