Shure BETA 181Bi Microphone (BETA 181 Bi)

Figure-8 Small-diaphragm Side-address Condenser Microphone
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Small-diaphragm Sound, Side-address Convenience!
Small diaphragm condenser microphones offer incredible accuracy and imaging, which makes them indispensable for capturing acoustic instruments, cymbals, and many other sound sources in the studio. However, positioning traditional pencil-style condensers has it challenges. That's what's so great about Shure's Beta 181 ultra-compact small-diaphragm side-address condenser microphones. This super-flexible microphone fits in places that traditional pencil condensers simply don't, giving you the same tight and focused sound, plus the flexibility to position your mics exactly where you need them.

The Beta 181/BI has a bidirectional (figure-8) pickup pattern, making it perfect for advanced mic placement techniques such as Mid-Side stereo, while adding extraordinary off-axis sound rejection to its easy of positioning. What's even better is that, like all Beta 181 models, the Beta 181/BI has a switchable capsule, so you can pick up additional polar patterns to suite your needs.

Shure Beta 181/BI Small-diaphragm Side-address Condenser Microphone Features at a Glance:

  • Polar pattern: Bidirectional (figure-8)
  • Sensitivity: -51.0dBV/Pa (2.6 mV)
  • Maximum SPL: 156.0dB SPL (2.5-kohm load), 153.5dB SPL (1-kohm load)
  • Precision-engineered, compact side-address design
  • Easy to position in many configurations and in tight places front-address condensers won't fit
  • Optional interchangeable polar pattern capsules attach to the Beta 181 body for extra flexibility
  • For use in high SPL environments
  • Includes stand adapter, windscreen, and carrying case (carrying case will securely protect up to 4 polar pattern capsules)
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.
  • Requires +48V phantom power
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