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SENNHEISER ME 3 II Headset Microphone

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The SENNHEISER's ME 3 II provides high-quality, close-proximity capture of vocals and speech. The cardioid pickup design of the mic offers superior noise and feedback suppression, ideal for activities that require a lot of movement, such as sports or dance.

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The SENNHEISER's ME 3 II headset microphone is a cardioid capsule, pre-polarized condenser microphone that may be used with the Sennheiser D1 digital wireless microphone system to capture audio for live stage, television, boardrooms, presentations, singing, places of worship, and other applications. A 3.5mm locking mini-jack connector is used on the ME 3-II headmic cable, and a windscreen made of foam is included.

  • For Stage, Television, and Presentations
  • For Use with D1 Digital Wireless System
  • 3.5mm Locking Mini-Jack Connector
  • Includes a Foam Windscreen
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