SENNHEISER HMD27 Professional Dynamic Microphone Broadcast Headset (HMD 27)

The SENNHEISER's HMD27 is a closed, circumaural ear-cup headset that provides high-passive attenuation and comfortable wear for over long working hours, ideal for broadcast commentators and audio engineers for the highest broadcast quality even in noisy environments.

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The SENNHEISER's HMD27 professional broadcast headset (No Cable) is a closed, circumaural ear-cup design with high-passive attenuation that is lightweight and pleasant to wear for long periods of time. Broadcasters and audio engineers can utilise it to get the best possible broadcast quality, even in noisy surroundings. This audio monitoring headset contains soft earcups, swivelling ear covers for single-sided listening, and a dynamic microphone that can be worn on either the right or left side. It also has ActiveGard for noise protection against noise peaks above 110 dB. A headband cushion that transforms the two-piece headband into a single compact one is also included.

  • Highest wearing comfort due to the lightweight circumaural design and the splitted headband (no pressure on the sensitive fontanelle)
  • Accurate and linear-sound reproduction for very demanding monitoring
  • The dynamic microphone, which stands out due to a strong and powerful sound pattern for an audio transmission in the highest broadcast quality even in noisy environments
  • ActiveGard (on/off switch) for protected hearing against noise peaks > 110 dB
  • Modular concept of different cables and boom arms to offer highest flexibility
  • Cables of the cable 26-II series are compatible
  • Swiveling ear cap for single-sided listening
  • Microphone can be worn either on right or left hand side
  • Wide headband padding is included that converts the two-piece headband into a compact single piece
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