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MIPRO ACT 313/ACT32H True Diversity Wireless Microphone System

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The MIPRO's ACT313/ACT32H is a wireless microphone system comes with single channel true diversity receiver with hand held transmitter.
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MIPRO's ACT 3-Series systems are designed to withstand harsh environments while providing excellent RF reliability and transparent audio performance in a wide range of professional settings and applications. The ACT 3-Series wireless systems are low-cost UHF frequency agile diversity systems that do not sacrifice features or performance. The ACT-313/ACT32H is a Single-Channel True Diversity Receiver with a ACT-32H handheld condenser wireless transmitter. 

ACT-313 Single-Channel True Diversity Receiver

  • Single Channel, EIA standard rack-mountable receiver with green backlit LCD screen, automatic bright or dim display during performances to identify “Working” and “Standby” mode.
  • The most reliable 24MHz narrowband high dynamic range receiving circuit greatly decreases intermodulation distortion and increases interference-free compatible channels.
  • Advanced true diversity receiving ensures long-distance and stable reception without signal dropout.
  • Industry’s only “PiloTone & NoiseLock” circuits and the RF interference warning indicator for proper adjustments of the SQ level to avoid interference.
  • MIPRO Auto Scan and ACT™ function provides the transmitter’s frequency with precise and rapid sync to the receiver.
  • 7 preset groups with a total of 80 pre-saved frequencies. Group 1 & 2 each allows 8 channels of interference-free operation without any restriction. Group 3 ~ 6 each allows 16 channels of interference-free operation with restriction applied. Group 7 user-defined group allows users to choose 8 working channels from 961 available frequencies.
  • Each channel has separate AF signal output and presets the output level equal to the sensitivity of the microphone capsule. Switchable three levels ensure the microphone to operate within proper sensitivity and dynamic range, free from distortion.
  • The antenna TNC female connectors provide bias for the MIPRO antenna systems to increase the receiving range and improve the signal stability.
  • External 100~240V AC switching power supply ensures the system’s stable performance.
  • Designed and made in Taiwan ensures high quality and value.
  • Capsule suspension: Patented capsule suspension design virtually eliminates vibration for ultra-low handling noises.
  • Dynamic range: High dynamic range for loud singing without distortion.

ACT-32H Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter

  • Metal housing
  • Replaceable capsule module with premium condenser or dynamic options
  • Protected from impact, rolling, and pop sounds by a multi-layered aluminium grille
  • Operational parameter information shown on a backlit LCD display
  • Patented capsule suspension design completely eliminates vibration and handling noises