MIPRO ACT 313/ACT32H True Diversity Wireless Microphone System

The MIPRO's ACT313/ACT32H is a wireless microphone system comes with single channel true diversity receiver with hand held transmitter.

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The MIPRO's ACT313/ACT32H is a wireless microphone system that includes ACT-313 single channel receiver and one ACT-32H handheld wireless microphone transmitter. The ACT-313 is the most dependable 24MHz narrowband high dynamic range receiving circuit that can considerably reduced intermodulation distortion and increases interference-free compatible channels. The advanced true diversity receiving ensures long-distance and continuous reception without signal dropout. This receiver is factory-tuned to work with the ACT-32H and ACT-32T and is housed in an EIA standard 19" rack-mountable metal chassis.

ACT-313 Single Channel Receiver

  • Single Channel, EIA standard rack-mountable receiver with green backlit LCD screen, automatic bright or dim display during performances to identify “Working” and “Standby” mode. 
  • Advanced true diversity receiving ensures long-distance and stable reception without signal dropout.
  • Each channel has separate AF signal output and presets the output level equal to the sensitivity of the microphone capsule.
  • The antenna TNC female connectors provide bias for the MIPRO antenna systems to increase the receiving range and improve the signal stability.
  • External 100~240V AC switching power supply ensures the system’s stable performance.
  • Designed and made in Taiwan ensures high quality and value.
  • Capsule suspension: Patented capsule suspension design virtually eliminates vibration for ultra-low handling noises.
  • Dynamic range: High dynamic range for loud singing without distortion.

ACT-32H Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter

  • Robust, lightweight plastic housing
  • The unique multi-layered metal grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise, ensuring clarity of sound
  • Lockable on/off switch avoids accidental power-off during performance
  • Impact-resistant battery compartment holds 2 AA batteries
  • Patented “built-in” antenna design
  • Interchangeable colored rings for microphone channel identification on stage