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MIPRO ACT312B/ACT32T Wireless Lavalier System

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The MIPRO's ACT312B/ACT32T wireless microphone system comes with dual channel radio microphone receiver with 2 channel lavalier wireless system.
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MIPRO's ACT 3-Series systems are designed to withstand harsh environments while providing excellent RF reliability and transparent audio performance in a wide range of professional settings and applications. The ACT 3-Series wireless systems are low-cost UHF frequency agile diversity systems that do not sacrifice features or performance. The ACT-312/ACT32T is a UHF frequency agile dual channel half rack receiver with a ACT-32T bodypack wireless transmitter. 

ACT-312 Dual Channel UHF Radio Mic Receiver

  • EIA standard 1/2U metal rack-mountable receiver
  • Balanced XLR / unbalanced 1/4 " audio output jack, output level switch and DC input are on the rear panel. One mixed-output switch is available for dual-channel receivers
  • Industry’s only RF interference warning indicator for proper adjustments of the SQ level
  • Increase sensitivity to extend receiving range; decrease the sensitivity to reduce interference
  • Receiver provides bias for booster where MIPRO antenna systems can be added for extended receiving range and stability
  • DC input jack accepts 12~15V power supply

ACT-32T Bodypack Wireless Transmitter

  • Lightweight, compact size with sturdy plastic housing.
  • Mute switch, mini-XLR connector and antenna connection are found on the top.
  • Backlit LCD displays various parameters and status.
  • Mute button with remote-control jack for easy activation of mute function.
  • Can directly match to high-low input impedance for microphone or guitar without switching.
  • Mini-XLR input with secure screw lock connector for lavaliere / headworn mics and guitar.
  • Adjustable belt clip allows wearing transmitter in up or down position.

High-efficiency circuitry design provides 12~14 hours of operation from 2 AA batteries (depending on the battery quality). 

Frequency Range :
Uhf 480~934MHz
Manufacturer :
Microphone Frequency Response :
50Hz~18KHz (With High Pass Filter)
Model :
Height (cm) :
Length (cm) :
Width (cm) :