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JBL CONTROL C60PS/T 8" 150W Pendant Subwoofer With Crossover (Pair)

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The JBL's CONTROL 60PS/T is a pair of 8" 150W pendant subwoofer with crossover provides bass extension and high impact for high-fidelity sound systems, ideal for use at restaurants, retail stores, music cafes, health clubs, theme bars, and leisure venues.
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The JBL's CONTROL 60PS/T pendant subwoofer with crossover is a pair of subwoofers with a 150W power handling, low distortion, and an 8-inch driver "low-frequency driver with butyl rubber surround for well-damped, tight sound quality and long-term reliability, as well as a polypropylene-coated cone for humidity resistance. 2 is a high-temperature environment "Under high power, high duty-cycle working circumstances, the voice coil and low-mass fibreglass coil former assure good bass transient response and stability. For high-fidelity sound systems in a range of applications, the Control 60PS/T provides bass extension and great impact.

This public address system can be operated on an amplifier channel by itself or with additional subwoofers, with either a signal that has been actively low-passed via DSP earlier in the signal chain or a full-range signal using the built-in passive 125 Hz low-pass filter. The passive crossover also has high-passed satellite outputs for use with two or four satellite loudspeakers (not one or three), resulting in a full-range, wide-bandwidth, mono subwoofer-satellite system. The speaker can be utilised on a 70V/100V distributed speaker system or as a direct low-impedance 8 ohms speaker with a 100W multi-tap, wide-bandwidth, low-saturation transformer.

  • High-impact, 150W direct radiating subwoofer with built-in crossover for up to four satellite speakers
  • 8" Long-excursion driver and 2" voice coil
  • 8 ohms and 150 W, or 70-100V and 100 W operation
  • Hanging hardware with 15' galvanized steel cable, spring-clips for clipping onto loudspeaker, and Gripple-brand adjustable-height cable fasteners
  • Speaker and hanging cable system are UL listed
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