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JBL CONTROL 24C MICRO 4.5" 30W 2 Way Background Music Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

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The JBL's CONTROL 24C MICRO is a 4.5" 30W 2 Way background music ceiling speaker that provides full, high quality sound for background music and music-plus-paging systems.
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The JBL's CONTROL 24C MICRO is a passive 4.5" low-profile ceiling speaker that comes in a pair. This public address system is meant for voice amplification and background music reproduction in a range of settings, including retail establishments and restaurants. The Control 24C Micro's 4.5" injection-molded graphite woofer and 0.5" polycarbonate tweeter have a frequency range of 85 Hz to 25 kHz and a continuous programme power capability of 30W when driven by an 8-Ohm power amplifier (available separately).

The thin 24C Micro is well suited for installation in ceilings with limited vertical space, with a 150° coverage pattern and a depth of around four inches. Easy installation is aided with screw-down terminal connections, detachable grilles, C-shaped support plates, tile rails, and cutting templates.

  • Compact loudspeakers with grilles, backcans, and tile rails for fast installation
  • Slim design for use in spaces with restricted/shallow mounting depths
  • Low distortion and smooth tone, ideal for medium-volume music systems
  • Wide 150° coverage
  • 30W continuous program power handling
  • 4.5" injection-molded graphite woofer 1" voice coil
  • 0.5" polycarbonate tweeter
  • 85 Hz to 25 kHz frequency range
  • Input connections via touch-proof, screw-down terminals
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