JBL C24CT-BK 40W Ceiling Speaker

Background/Foreground Ceiling Speaker
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Background/Foreground Ceiling Speaker
The Control 24CT-BK is a compact ceiling speaker providing premium performance in background, foreground and music-pluspaging sound systems. The Control 24CT-BK is perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications from professional offices and airports to restaurants and specialty retail stores. High power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion make the Control 24CT-BK ideal for sound systems requiring a higher fidelity sound from ceiling loudspeakers. The premium performance capability ensures excellent sound character, providing pleasant, enveloping sound throughout the listening area.


  • Coaxially mounted 100 mm (4 in) woofer with butyl rubber surround and 19 mm (¾ in) titanium coated diffraction-loaded tweeter
  • High power, wide frequency response and low distortion for high sound level capability
  • Wide coverage allows fewer speakers, reducing the cost of the installed sound system without sacrificing performance
  • Packaged with grille, backcan and tile rails for fast installation and easy dealer stocking
  • Black baffle and grille works well in black and dark ceiling
Attr 100V High Impedance :
30W/ 15W/ 7.5W
Attr 70V High Impedance :
30W/ 15W/ 7.5W/ 3.7W
Continuous Power :
Frequency Range :
80 Hz - 20 KHz
Manufacturer :
Maximum Peak SPL :
Model :