Emix EMAM8008 Amplifier Monitor Panel

EMIX's EMAM8008 is a 6-Channel, 100V line speaker monitor with 6 steps digital volume control for each individual channel. It features selectable mode between visual and listening mode along with a built-in microchip controller.

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The EMIX's EMAM-8008 is an audio monitoring system with six-channel, 100-volt line speaker monitor. There is a speaker inside the device for listening to the audio quality of each channel. A 2x20 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is also included for visually monitoring the output status of all 6 channels at the same time. When the speaker is in use, the device can be set to Silent Mode (visual) or Listening Mode. The digital volume control buttons on the front panel can be used to adjust the volume of each selector channel. In silent mode, the LCD is set to function as an Audio Level Meter.


  • 6 inputs for 100v line speaker monitoring
  • 6 steps digital volume control for individual channel
  • Selectable monitor modes (visual/listening mode)
  • Visual mode to silently monitor all the 6 channels at once
  • Listen mode to listen to the individual sound through the speaker
  • Built-in Microchip controller simplifies operations
  • 2x20 LCD to display Level Meter & Volume Level indicator
  • Front panel 2 button digital volume control
  • Built-in High Quality 100v line speaker for listening
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