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AUDIX FP5 Fusion Series Drum Microphone Package

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The Audix f2 dynamic instrument microphone is an ideal recording tool for use on stage or in the studio. The Low Mass (LM) diaphragm offers natural, accurate sound reproduction and features a hyper cardioid polar pattern to provide ample rejection of off-axis noise, and to minimize feedback.
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To get a fantastic drum sound without spending a fortune, use the Audix Fusion FP5 drum microphone set. This instrument microphone kit comes with five high-quality drum microphones, each one tuned to a distinct region of the kit for optimal performance. One f5 mic is used for snare, three f2 mics are used for toms, and one f6 is used for kick. Keep in mind that each of these mics can be used for a number of instruments, making the Fusion FP5 drum microphone kit an excellent choice for any studio trying to get the most bang for their money with their mic locker. For incredible results, use the f5 on guitar cabs. You'll appreciate the f6 on bass cabinets as well as other percussion instruments like the djembe.

Everything you need to nail your live or recorded drum tone is included in the Fusion FP5 5-microphone drum bundle. To secure your microphones, the set includes five mics, four drum clips, one mic-stand clip, and an aluminium carrying box. Are you looking for a fantastic drum tone? Get the Audix Fusion FP5 microphone kit, which includes everything you need!

Audix Fusion FP5 Microphone Kit Features at a Glance:

  • All-in-one solution for drum miking
  • Features 5 instrument-specific mics for optimal results
  • Cost-effective
  • Rugged Audix quality
  • 1-f5 dynamic (snare)
  • 3-f2 dynamics (toms)
  • 1-f6 dynamic (kick)
  • 4 DClips (drum clips)
  • 1 MC1 clip (mic clip)
  • 1 Aluminum carrying case with foam inserts
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