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The Audix DP7 is a 7-piece drum microphone kit for professional recording and live sound reinforcement applications. The kit contains everything necessary for successful drum kit capturing. This kit includes one I5 cardioid, two D2 hypercardioid, one D4 hypercardioid, one D6 hypercardioid and two ADX51 overhead microphones. Also included in this package are four D-Vice gooseneck drum clips and a rugged aluminum road case.
RM 4880.00
The Audix f2 dynamic instrument microphone is an ideal recording tool for use on stage or in the studio. The Low Mass (LM) diaphragm offers natural, accurate sound reproduction and features a hypercardioid polar pattern to provide ample rejection of off-axis noise, and to minimize feedback. The mic has a linear frequency response, capable of accurately reproducing signals at very high sound pressure levels of up to 139dB without distortion.
RM 1390.00
The Audix FP7 7-Piece Fusion Drum Microphone Package is a 7-piece microphone kit, designed to cover the gamut of drum and percussion instruments. Ideal for both live sound and recording applications; the FP7 package is delivered with some of the best microphones the Fusion series has to offer. The package also includes all mounting accessories and a foam-lined carrying case.
RM 2090.00
Drum microphone kit includes 4 drum microphones to cover all you need in performance and recording applications. Includes 1 PGA52 kick drum microphone, 2 PGA56 drum microphones, 1 PGA57 instrument microphone, 2 drum mounts, and 4 XLR cables.
RM 1215.00
Professional Boundary Instrument Microphone Specially Designed for Acoustic Instruments, Kick Drums, Piano, and Bass-Heavy Instruments Application.
RM 319.00
Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone Ideal for Guitar, Percussion and Brass Instruments InStudio, Onstage or Even At Home Application.
RM 180.00
High-grade cardioid condenser microphone for demanding applications. Outstanding sound properties for highly sophisticated applications like acoustic guitars, cymbals, percussion, overheads, orchestras, and grand pianos.
RM 1750.00
Cardioid Instrument Condenser Microphone
RM 1039.00
End-address condenser microphone with mechanically switching dual polar patterns.
RM 5235.00
Small-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone - Stereo Pair
RM 4008.00
ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording. Available with and without a cable.
RM 678.90
ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording. Available with and without a cable.
RM 626.90