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AKG ARA C22 USB Professional Two-Pattern USB Condenser Microphone
The AKG's ARA C22-USB is a professional two-pattern USB condenser microphone that delivers high-resolution sound, and great simplicity, perfectly ideal for podcasting, vlogging, live-streaming, recording music, or creating ASMR content.
MARANTZ PODPACK1 Pod Pack 1 USB Microphone with Broadcast Stand and Cable
The MARANTZ's PODPACK1 includes a USB microphone, boom arm, and USB cord at a reasonable price range suitable for fledgling podcaster or content creator.
RODE NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Microphone (NTUSB)
The RØDE's NT-USB is a highly versatile side-address microphone for recording vocals, musical instruments, and voiceover. It comes with a tripod base, mic stand mount, pop filter, USB cable, and a padded carrying case.
RODE VIDEOMIC ME Directional Microphone for Smartphones
The RØDE's VIDEOMIC ME is a directional microphone for smartphones that created to give incredible audio when shooting video. It comes with a clip to keep the microphone in place and a fuzzy windshield for filming outside in inclement weather.
SHURE MOTIV MV51 Large-Diaphragm Cardioid USB Microphone for Computers and iOS Devices (MV51-DIG-A)
The SHURE's MOTIV MV51 is a cardioid USB condenser microphone that can capture nearly any sound source in a variety of applications, including video conference calls, vlogs, and podcasts, as well as instrument and vocal recordings.
RODE NT-USB Mini Studio Quality USB Microphone (NTUSB Mini)
The RØDE's NT-USB MINI is a desktop USB microphone that delivers crystal-clear, professional-sounding audio directly to a computer or tablet, making perfect for gamers, podcasters, musicians, streamers, business professionals, and content creators who want to be heard in full definition.
AKG C44 Lyra USB Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone
The AKG's C44 ultra HD multimode USB microphone delivers high-definition audio, great adaptability, and superb simplicity, all while looking elegant on screen. It is useful for making online material, podcasting, vlogging, live-streaming, producing music, and fashioning ASMR content.
Behringer BIGFOOT All-In-One USB Microphone
BEHRINGER's BIGFOOT is a dream come true for lovers of digital home recording, gaming, streaming and podcasting. This professional quality USB microphone comes  with 3 high quality capsules and great features such as versatile multi-capsule condenser microphone with built-in USB interface, ideal for vocals, podcasters, field recordings, home studio sessions, conference calls and more.
SHURE MOTIV MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone (MV88-A)
The SHURE's MOTIV MV88-A is a lightning-equipped iOS Microphone with variable stereo and mono recording option. It allows user to records video with crystal clear sound, captures that crucial interview, and captures a once-in-a-lifetime performance.
Shure MV51A USB Microphone (MV51)
The SHURE's MV51A is a USB microphone/interface with 5 recording modes, lightning connector compatibility, iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app editing, and headphone monitoring for Mac/iOS/Windows/Android.
Shure MVL Lavalier Microphone
The SHURE's MVL is a USB recording interface with 5 DSP recording modes, RF interference protection, high signal to noise ratio, high SPL, windscreen and headphone monitoring for Mac/iOS/Windows/Android.
Shure MOTIV MVi USB Microphone
The SHURE's MOTIV-MVI is a USB recording interface with 5 DSP recording modes and headphone monitoring for Mac/iOS/Windows/Android.
RODE PODCASTER USB Broadcast Microphone
The RØDE's PODCASTER large-diaphragm dynamic USB Microphone ideal for podcasting, vodcasting, YouTube videos, voice recognition software, corporate videos and any production application that requires a simple yet professional voice-over microphone.
Behringer C1U Condenser USB Microphone (C-1U)
BEHRINGER's C-1U is a Medium-diaphragm USB Condenser Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern for the sound source isolation and feedback rejection. It features flat frequency response and ultra-high resolution along with pressure-gradient transducer.