1. Vbizz is Certified by Ministry of Finance Malaysia

    We are a company certified by Ministry of Finance Malaysia (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) from Design, Supply and Install for Audio Visual Equipment.

    We supply only Genuine product. Everyone feels safe and satisfied!

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  2. JBL, Behringer, Electro Voice (EV) for Reseller

    We are here to announce that Vbizz has been appointed as the Stockist for Electro Voice (EV), Harman Pro Audio brands including JBL, Soundraft, AKG, and Behringer!

    We are able to supply to all the Reseller, Rental Companies, System Integrators and Dealers!

    Feel free to Contact Us now!

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  3. PA System for Mosque and Surau

    Is your Azan achieving the distance and clarity that you desire? Inside the mosque, can the teachings and prayers of the Imam be heard by every one. Are complicated sound system setups and difficult-to-use microphones causing problems? If you’re not entirely satisfied with your mosque’s current sound system, maybe it’s time for a change.

    The voice of Imam must reach every worshipper in the mosque. The Azan must be clearly heard to the farthest corners. Therefore microphones and speakers should be carefully selected and installed according to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of the mosque. However, most of mosques are rarely considered from the acoustic aspect, so the echo, longer reverberations of sound and feedback deteriorate the intelligibility of Azan and Khutba. We recommend the right equipment in the application examples to optimize the acoustic environment of mosque, based on it

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  4. Sennheiser Evolving with You for the Next Generation

    With evolution wireless G4, we have built on the extremely rich feature set of the G3 series, expanding its capabilities even further, while still maintaining the compelling pricing of the preceding generation,” said Dennis Stegemerten, product manager for evolution wireless G4. “Many user-inspired improvements have been included, and all systems will be fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, safeguarding our customers’ investments.

    Compared to G3, the 100 series impresses with new multi-channel capabilities: Up to 12 wireless systems can now be daisy-chained for simultaneous programming via an enhanced Easy Set-up function. The daisy-chain cable comes included, as do rack-mount ears for professional use. The orange LCD display of G3 has been replaced with a high-contrast black and white LCD display. Also new are a sync LED and an Escape button for more convenient and quicker operation. The 100 series handheld featu

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  5. 4pcs 16 x 9m LED screens G League finale

    G League finale hosted by Mercedes-Bena Arena in Shanghai

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  6. Bose launches Line Array Software

    Create custom-fit designs in less time. Bose Array Tool software helps AV system designers produce precise sound system designs quickly. The Bose Array Tool features an intuitive interface and familiar workflow, so it requires minimal training. Using the direct-field calculation engine, you can quickly trial different loudspeaker models, placements, and coverage formations to best match the needs of the venue. Once designed, export ordering lists, rigging, and array information — so your loudspeaker designs move out of the virtual world and into the real world — in virtually no time.

    Version 1.0 supports designing with the Panaray MSA12X loudspeaker — support for more Bose Professional loudspeaker models will be available in future versions.

    Bose has launched a software application for sound systems design: Bose Array Tool. Its workflow has been designed with intuition in mind, so that engineers can use the software tool with minim

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  7. 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Mixing with EQ

    Shaping the tone and sound of an instrument can be achieved using EQ plugins. But, there are potential pitfalls waiting round every mixing corner. Here's 6 EQing mistakes to avoid during mix down.

    EQ is one of the most fundamental processes in mixing—shaping the tone of instruments and voices is one of the most important tools for both bringing out the best in individual tracks and making sure everything blends together optimally in the mix. Once you’ve been working with EQ for a time, you begin to get a good sense of how much to apply and what frequencies need to be adjusted, but there are still a few pitfalls that can trip you up. Here a few suggestions for avoiding some of those potential gotchas.

    Don’t let the bass bring you down
    One of the most common problems with many mixes done in smaller project and home studio spaces is the low end. Big-ticket studios are acoustically treated to provide a more n

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  8. What is a Cardioid Subwoofer?

    You might be looking at the title above and thinking that somebody accidentally combined two different articles. Cardioid is a word we usually use to talk about microphones, not speakers.

    Both speakers and microphones are transducers (devices that convert between electricity and air pressure) that just happen to be at the far ends of the audio chain. They are really doing the same thing in opposite directions. So while we talk about cardioid when we discuss microphone pickup patterns and show that pretty heart-shaped diagram, we can apply the same idea to speakers and talk about dispersion patterns.

    Cardioid Pattern
    Basically Omni
    Almost all speakers are directional to some degree, so we don’t bother to call them cardioid, but subwoofers are a different story. They are all

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  9. Shure SM57 is So Great. Have you got one?

    There’s one microphone that every engineer, pro or otherwise, has in their mic locker, and that’s the legendary Shure SM57 — it’s the most popular dynamic microphone on the planet. So why is this unassuming little mic on so many professional engineers’ desert island mic lists? Why is it found on first-class concert stages worldwide? What makes it such a great mic? Here are a few reasons:

    It Sounds Good on Everything

    The SM57 is one of those rare mics that always sounds good and never sounds bad. If you’re miking a guitar amp, snare drum, or brass instrument and aren’t sure which mic to use, throw up an SM57. It may not deliver mind-blowing results, but it will always sound good. That said, sometimes it is the best-sounding mic for the job. When I was a neophyte audio engineer, I was tasked with setting up the mic for a me

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  10. 5 Tips for a Great Mixing on Headphones

    When you’re mixing, nothing beats a quality set of studio monitors inside a well-treated acoustic space. But what if your room has poor acoustics? What if you want to work late at night? What if you want to mix on the road? If these situations describe you, you might have no choice but to mix with headphones. Headphones are great for reference and for exposing tiny details in your project, but they bring their own issues, such as an unnaturally wide stereo image, a skewed frequency response, and a lack of crossfeed between your left and right ears. That said, plenty of pro musicians, engineers, and producers routinely mix on headphones, either by choice or necessity. So how do you create a great-sounding mix using headphones? Here are some tips.

    Avoid Hard Panning
    When you listen to studio monitors, the sound from the left speaker reaches not only your left ear but your right ear as well (and vice versa). Because of t

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