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RODE M1-S Live Performance Dynamic Microphone With Lockable Switch

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The RØDE's M1-S live performance dynamic microphone with lockable switch has a die-cast body and a strong dynamic capsule, perform well on guitar amplifiers as well as kick drum, snare drum, toms and percussion.
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The RØDE’s M1-S live dynamic microphone is designed to deliver the best performance with rock-solid build quality and high-power neodymium capsule. When used as a handheld microphone, the M1's ergonomically built all-metal body is engineered for optimal comfort. The microphone's internal design virtually eliminates handling noise, and it feels sturdy, substantial, and precisely balanced without being heavy. It's smooth character and defined clarity give outstanding performance as a live vocal microphone, with a warm response that is incredibly defined for a dynamic microphone. The spill and feedback are minimised via a precisely controlled cardioid polar pattern. The M1-S also has an XLR lock that may be used to secure the microphone to the cord for more security. A flush-mounted lock is included to prevents the microphone from being switched by accident.

  • Live dynamic vocal microphone
  • High output neodymium capsule
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Lockable on/off switch
  • XLR security lock
  • Ergonomically designed heavy duty all-metal body
  • Low handling noise
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