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MIPRO ACT 818 Single-Channel Digital Receiver

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The MIPRO's ACT818 digital wideband half-U single channel receiver features new digital diversity receiving technology, proprietary 256-bit encryption prevents unauthorized listening, proprietary DSP audio processor and A/D converter.
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The MIPRO's ACT818 is a metal chassis digital wideband half-U single channel wireless microphone system. All characteristics are clearly visible with an enhanced full-color VFD (vacuum fluorescent display). An increased 64 MHz bandwidth guarantees maximum versatility, allowing user to choose from a larger number of interference-free, suitable channels. New digital diversity reception technology is also included and the Anti-interference qualities and system compatibility had improved with the improved RF circuitry.

ACT818 Digital Wideband Half-U Single Channel Receiver

  • EIA standard rack-mountable receiver with metal chassis for excellent heat dissipation and RF shielding.
  • A full-color VFD. Quick and easy system setup via a single rotary control knob.
  • Enhanced RF circuitry improves anti-interference characteristics and system compatibility.
  • New digital diversity receiving technology.
  • Full-range sound quality is not affected by the strength of RF signals or operating distance.
  • Proprietary DSP audio processor and A/D converter.
  • Proprietary 256-bit encryption prevents unauthorized listening.
  • 10 built-in SmartEQ™ microphone capsule equalization presets suit artists’ preferences.
  • 10 built-in digital anti-feedback SmartEQ™ presets for minimizing feedback.