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MIPRO ACT80R/TA80 Digital Wireless ENG Receiver with Plug-On Transmitter

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The MIPRO's ACT80R/TA80 is a wireless microphone system that comes with a digital wireless ENG receiver and a digital miniature wireless plug-on transmitter.
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The MIPRO's ACT80R/TA80 is a wireless microphone system that includes ACT80R digital wireless ENG receiver and AT80 digital miniature wireless plug-on transmitter. The ACT80R has the smallest and most compact housing in the business. It has a magnesium and glass-fiber reinforced plastic shell that is light but tough, suitable for stage use. Even better, this receiver is equipped with the world's first ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) system, which ensures exact and quick frequency sync to the transmitters.

ACT80R Digital Wireless ENG Receiver

  • Industry’s most compact and smallest housing. Featuring a lightweight, yet rugged, magnesium & glass-fiber reinforced plastic case for stage applications.
  • Backlit LCD screen with superior features and advanced function settings.
  • UHF PLL synthesized circuit and dual-antenna true diversity technology for best reception quality.
  • Enhanced RF circuitry improves anti-interference characteristics and system compatibility with a 64 MHz-wide bandwidth, allowing more interference-free channels to be selected.
  • Full-range sound quality is not affected by the strength of RF signals or operating distance.
  • Dual unbreakable soft antennas.
  • Proprietary 256-bit encryption provides secure audio transmission, preventing unauthorized listening.
  • World’s first ACT™ (Automatic Channel Targeting) provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.
  • Fast and easy menu controls and indicators accessed by three buttons.

AT80 Digital Miniature Wireless Plug-On Transmitter

  • TA-80 has a flat and wide frequency response
  • Eight gain levels
  • Up to 10mA current load phantom power
  • Compatible with condenser microphones
  • Compact, lightweight, and ruggedly built
  • A built-in high-capacity lithium battery enables a continuous 5 to 8 hours of use per charge
  • Streamlined aluminum housing is splash-proof with strict isolation of spurious and external noise interference
  • Built-in high-efficiency transmitting antenna and green backlit LCD clearly displays operation parameters