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Midas VF24 Mixer

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16 mono and 4 stereo input channels with 24 award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifiers
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Digital and analog hybrid for stage or studio, monitor of FOH.
Midas VF24 is more than a compact live audio console. This analog mixer is the platform for a completely integrated audio mixing, recording and signal processing thanks to its FireWire digital audio interface, which is capable of supporting up to 24 x 24 channels of high-quality, 24-bit audio. The hybrid VF24 bridges the gap between analog and digital audio consoles, and offers the user the ease-of-use, warmth, feel and zero-latency of analogue, combined with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing. Originally intended for live sound applications, the superb audio performance and the addition of the FireWire digital audio interface means that the VF24 is equally at home in recording and mixdown applications.

MIDAS understands that a modest footprint doesn’t have to mean compromised performance. The VF24 embodies this philosophy, from its rugged construction and top-of-the-range components, to the unmistakable MIDAS sound, which makes for a truly professional audio mixing console. From the horizontal fader panel with premium 100 mm faders, through the legendary 4-band MIDAS XL3 channel EQ, to the latest expression of the legendary MIDAS microphone preamplifier, this is a console without compromise.

Award-Winning MIDAS Microphone Preamplifier
The MIDAS microphone preamplifier is considered by leading live sound and recording engineers to be the very essence of the famous MIDAS sound. VF24 features the latest generation of MIDAS microphone preamplifiers, which faithfully reproduce every sonic detail so no part of a performance will ever be missed. Transparent and pristine sound, low noise and high common-mode rejection are all hallmarks of this classic design.

Acclaimed MIDAS XL3 EQ
VF24 features an enhanced version of the legendary equalization section from the classic MIDAS XL3, the definitive live analog monitor console. Each mono input channel on the VF24 features the XL3’s 4 bands of swept equalization, consisting of Bass and Treble shelving filters with adjustable frequency and gain, and fully parametric Lo Mid and Hi Mid bands featuring variable bandwidth controls as well as adjustable frequency and gain. This enhanced control set allows for both powerful and musical creative and corrective equalization.

FireWire Digital Audio Interface with up to 24 Inputs and 24 Outputs
VF24’s FireWire interface connects directly to your computer to provide a bidirectional 24-channel digital audio link with 24-bit fixed point precision at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sample rates. This interface can be used with any computer fitted with an IEEE-1394 FireWire port and allows the use of third party audio recording and processing software in conjunction with the console.

Analog or FireWire Digital input
The VF24’s mono channels and stereo input channel pairs can either be sourced from the microphone preamplifiers or from the incoming FireWire interface, so playback channels from a computer can have the benefit of the premium MIDAS analogue signal path and equalization section, ideal for mixing ‘out of the box’ in conjunction with digital audio workstations and recording software. VF24 enables virtual sound checking, with playback of pre-recorded tracks to save valuable time during show set-up, especially to refine mixes when artists cannot always be present.

7 x 2 Matrix with Stereo Split
VF24 features a 7 x 2 output matrix with level controls for contributions from the 4 groups, and the master left, right and mono outputs. The two matrix output channels feature a level control, mute and solo switches with LED indication with balanced XLR output connectors and TRS insert points. Additional switches split the left and right contributions to the matrix (default is a sum of left and right), and to optionally route the matrix outputs to the FireWire interface.

Built for the Road
Featuring a rugged steel chassis frame, VF24 is designed for the rigours of live concert touring. Neutrik* connectors are used to ensure reliable audio connections, night after night.

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