JBL PRX415M 15" 300W Passive Speaker

The JBL's PRX415M is a 15" 2-Way stage monitor and loudspeaker system that provides sound intensity and bandwidth, making perfect for any type of speech reinforcement, live performance stage monitoring, vocal and acoustic music reinforcement.

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The JBL's PRX415M is a fifteen-inch, two-way portable speaker system that can be used for main sound reinforcement or monitoring. This passive speaker is ideal for any type of speech reinforcement, live performance stage monitoring, vocal and acoustic music reinforcement, or pre-recorded music reinforcement, as well as as a high-performance satellite speaker for use with subwoofers. It is lightweight, loud and ruggedly built, designed to withstand the rigors of the road, and are equipped with twelve M10 suspension points for permanent installation. For traveling bands or for venues seeking high quality, full-range audio reinforcement, it is an ideal professional solution.

The PRX415M passive speakers were created to meet the sensitivity, frequency response, and power handling requirements of practically any professional audio situation while remaining affordable. This passive speakers give the sound intensity and bandwidth required to make loud music seem natural and even quiet speech comprehensible, whether you employ a powered mixer or an equipment rack full of amps and signal processing. It is passive speakers are built with tour-proven JBL components and incorporate Neutrik Speakon combo connectors for professional connectivity. The cabinets are made of an 18mm Birch/Poplar multi-laminate hardwood covered in highly durable DuraFlexTM and have tough 16 gauge steel grilles.

  • 90 x 50 coverage
  • Dual-angle pole socket for applications requiring tripod mounting
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge protective screen backed steel grille
  • Tough DuraFlex enclosure finish
  • SonicGuard protects the high-frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance.
Channels :
Continuous Power :
Frequency Range :
55 Hz - 19 kHz
Horizontal Coverage Angle :
Impedance :
8 Ohm
Manufacturer :
Maximum Peak SPL :
Model :
Peak Power :
Powered Loud Speaker :
Height (cm) :
Length (cm) :
Width (cm) :
Vertical Coverage Angle :