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JBL CSM21 Mixer

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The JBL's CSM21 is a digital commercial mixer features two stereo audio inputs with gain control and clip LEDs, as well as one stereo output with an active crossover and a dedicated subwoofer output.
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The JBL's CSM21 2x1 stereo public address analog mixer is a digital commercial mixer designed for use in conferencing, retail, and hospitality. Two stereo audio inputs with bass and treble equalisers, as well as one line input for connecting the mixer to a building's alarm system, are included on the mixer. It also has a single microphone input with phantom power, gain control, and a ducker for lowering the music volume while delivering announcements.

One stereo output with a zone equalisation, an active crossover, and a separate subwoofer out are also included in the mixer. It is not necessary to use a computer to operate the device. With the flick of a knob, you may switch between source 1, source 2, and remote control on this simple analogue style control panel. Once the device has been configured, a security plate included with the unit can be put over the front panel to prevent changes to the controls.

The mixer can be used with optional CSM remote wall controllers to change the input source and volume level from a distance. Multiple CSM mixers can be linked together using a Cat5 cable placed into the unit's RJ-45 link ports to add more output zones to the system. The mixer's characteristics allow it to be used in a variety of sound applications, such as restaurants, retail stores, yoga studios, and other commercial facilities.

  • 2 Stereo Inputs and 1 Stereo Output
  • Separate Subwoofer Output on Euroblock
  • Standalone Operation Without a Computer
  • Ducks Music for Microphone Announcements
  • LevelGaurd Compression Optimizes Levels
  • AutoWarmth Optimizes Tonal Balance
  • Built-In Limiter to Prevent Clipping
  • Lock Front Panel to Prevent Changes
  • Link to other CSM Mixers via Cat5 Cable
  • Works with CSR Zone Remote Controllers
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