FOCUSRITE iTRACK POCKET Audio Interface iPhone Video and Audio Recording Dock with Lightning Connector

iTrack Pocket gives you the ideal way to make great video recordings with CD-quality sound, wherever you find yourself.

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You never know when a brilliant idea will strike you, or when you'll put on a show to remember. Wherever you are, the Focusrite iTrack Pocket is the best way to produce outstanding video recordings with CD-quality sound. This audio accessory is perfect for uploading to YouTube or for anyone looking for a simple way to capture their performances.

Simply connect your iPhone, launch the free companion app 'Impact,' and start recording. You'll be able to record HD video with stereo audio that much exceeds the quality of your iPhone mic alone. With powerful built-in amp simulators, iTrack Pocket will hold your phone at the optimum angle for capturing videos and let you plug your guitar directly in - so you can capture your performance without any background noise. Sound mastering is instantaneous and automatic, and editing is simple. When you're satisfied, you may post your videos to YouTube and share them with the rest of the world.

You can use Garage Band, iOS Camera App, iMovie, Rode Rec, and Loopy HD with iTrack Pocket, but you can also use your favourite recording programmes, such as Garage Band, iOS Camera App, iMovie, Rode Rec, and Loopy HD.

Instant HD recording
Your performance will be recorded in HD video and high quality stereo audio to make you look and sound amazing.

The stereo microphone for singer-songwriters
Get the edge with a high quality stereo microphone that captures clear, detailed recordings of your performance - vocal, guitar, piano, or any other instrument.

The guitar input for your iPhone
Get great guitar sound with ease with an amazing sounding guitar input and included amp simulation at the touch of a button.

Supremely portable and powered by iPhone
Wherever you take your iPhone, you can take your iTrack Pocket. iTrack Pocket is powered from iPhone and is designed to sound great in any situation

Officially for iPhone
Approved by Apple, and with the included Lightning cable, you can connect iTrack Pocket up to iPhone (Lightning compatibility required). Officially supports iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S.

Includes Impact by Focusrite recording app
iTrack Pocket is powered by Impact by Focusrite. Make your performance look and sound professional and upload to YouTube from single, easy to use app.

Easily get maximum quality
iTrack Pocket takes care of all the technical setup for you: it's so easy to find the perfect setting for the clearest recording possible for you to share with your subscribers.

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