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BOSE POWERMATCH PM4500N 4x500W Mixer Amplifier

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The BOSE's POWERMATCH PM4500N is a 4x500W mixer amplifier delivers an unrivalled mix of performance and efficiency, ideal for use at auditoriums, performing arts venues, theaters, houses of worship, arenas, hospitality venues.
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The BOSE's POWERMATCH PM4500N programmable professional power amplifier delivers concert-quality sound with a high level of scalability and configurability. Network configuration, control, and monitoring are all possible with Ethernet-equipped models, and an expansion slot accepts input from optional digital audio accessory cards. PowerMatch amplifiers combine a variety of Bose technologies to provide an unrivalled mix of performance, efficiency, and ease of installation—all in a dependable, unique design. The PM4500N USB connection provides single-unit setup and control using Bose ControlSpace Designer software.

  • QuadBridge™ Technology allows the 4 available channels to be configured as Mono, V-Bridge, I-Share or Quad mode, allowing the total available power of the amplifier to be allocated to one or more output channels.
  • The amplifier is capable of driving both low impedance and 70/100V loudspeaker loads directly.
  • Bose® ControlSpace® Designer™ software – PowerMatch amplifiers can be fully configured using ControlSpace Designer software via the onboard front panel USB connection, or the rear panel Ethernet connection (network models only).
  • Using ControlSpace Designer software you can access additional features including: Parametric EQ stages, load sweep of each output channel and auto standby. 
  • Auto-Standby/Auto-Wake function allowing the system to consume less power.
  • Dual voltage and current feedback loop circuit that continuously monitors and controls both the current and voltage delivered to the loudspeaker load.
  • Independent of power level and load impedance, the amplifier consistently delivers the widest possible dynamic range, frequency response and lowest possible distortion.
  • PeakBank™ power supply enables higher power density while allowing the re-use of energy from reactive loads that is normally wasted in conventional Class-D designs.
  • Fast-tracking power factor correction (PFC) provides superior transient response and functions at peak burst power much longer than conventional Class-D amplifier designs to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding program material.
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