BOSE PANARAY 302 A 5.25" 200W Passive Speaker - White - Pair

The BOSE's PANARAY 302 A is a 5.25" 200W passive speaker with wide 175° x 90° coverage reduce the number of required loudspeakers providing a cost-effective solution for many indoor or outdoor applications, including retail, restaurant, and hospitality operations.

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The BOSE's PANARAY 302 A is a full-range, two-way loudspeaker with a focus on background and foreground music. This passive speaker can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its Articulated Array® design delivers a wide 175° x 90° pattern, allowing a single loudspeaker to effectively cover a large area.

  • Articulated Array® design provides wide 175° x 90° coverage to deliver wide-range reproduction over a broad dispersion area
  • Two-way design with 5.25" (133 mm) woofer and two 2.5" (64 mm) drivers for extended, smooth response
  • Frequency range down to 60 Hz allows full-range speech and light music reinforcement without the need for subwoofers in many applications
  • Integrated multi-tap line transformer for 70 V or 100 V applications
  • Included mounting hardware permits fast and easy installation. Provides 30° pitch when mounted vertically, or 90° pitch when mounted on a horizontal surface
  • Weather resistant design and hardware for reliable performance indoors or outdoors
Attr 100V High Impedance :
25 W/ 50 W/ 100 W/ 200 W
Attr 70V High Impedance :
25 W/ 50 W/ 100 W/ 200 W
Continuous Power :
Dust Water Protection IP :
Frequency Range :
60 Hz - 19 KHz
Impedance :
8 Ohm
Manufacturer :
Maximum Peak SPL :
Model :
Height (cm) :
Length (cm) :
Width (cm) :