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BOSE L1 MODEL II B2 Portable PA System

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The BOSE's L1 Model II B2 is a portable PA system with L1 Model II power stand and cord, L1 Model II cylindrical radiator loudspeaker (top and bottom), loudspeaker carrying bags, power stand carrying bag, B2 bass module with cable, and B2 slip cover.
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The BOSE's L1 Model II B2 with B2 Bass and ToneMatch Audio Engine is a portable amplification system for artists, DJs, and public speakers. This portable PA system has a clean tonal balance across the stage and throughout the room and can give up to 180° of horizontal sound coverage. For enhanced tonal balance, the Model II system uses Articulated Array speaker technology. The 24 vertically placed drivers on the loudspeaker have been carefully positioned to produce cleaner highs and a more constant tone throughout the room. The bundled B2 bass module gives you more control and power in the low end.

The T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine is also a digital multi-channel mixer that works with Bose L1 sound systems. The 4-channel engine has 100 ToneMatch presets, sophisticated EQ, and a suite of studio-class effects and professional-quality processors, as well as advanced controls that adapt to your voice or instrument. It's made to improve the sound of musicians that use any Bose L1 system. The tone-shaping tools quickly bring your voice and instruments closer to their natural sounds.

  • Bass module out for amplified bass output signal to one or two B1 bass modules or one B2 bass module.
  • L1 system automatically adjusts equalization appropriately when bass modules are connected.
  • Bass line out delivers post-DSP bass signal output. Accepts ¼" TRS phone cable. Use to connect powered subwoofer, additional amplification system or Bose® PackLite® amplifier with up to two additional bass modules.
  • Retractable legs provide stability for streamlined power stands and loudspeakers. Four retractable legs fold out of power stand simultaneously for quick setup and compact transport
  • Convenient carry bags, one each for the loudspeaker, power stand and bass module that make getting to and from your gig that much easier.
  • B2 bass module
  • Highly efficient speaker design features two 10" (13.3 cm), high-output, high-excursion drivers that produce deep, strong bass from a small enclosure.
  • Three level settings provide flexibility of output. When connected to power stand, active equalization circuitry automatically adjusts bass signal appropriately.
  • Compact enclosure is easy to transport, set up and break down.
  • Small footprint takes up considerably less space than traditional bass cabs required for same performance.
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