BOSE FREESPACE IZA 190 HZ 90W Mixer Amplifier

The BOSE's FREESPACE IZA 190 LZ is a 90W mixer amplifier that provide high-quality sound, simple setup, making perfect for use in retail shops, restaurants, conference centres, education institutions.

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The BOSE's FREESPACE IZA 190 LZ integrated zone amplifiers is designed to deliver crystal sound, provide simplified set up and easy daily operation for background music and paging amplification. It features signal processing, routing, paging, and Class-D amplification in a durable chassis that is half the width of a 1 RU slot. It has a variety of inputs (mic, line, aux, and paging), as well as input gain and output level controls, 2-band EQ, and EQ settings for Bose FreeSpace FS2 and FS4 loudspeakers.

  • Installation made simple with set up done locally from the front and rear panels of the amplifier—no computer is required
  • Opti-voice® paging provides smooth automatic transition between the music and page signals
  • End-user friendly front panel allows users to connect devices easily, make tonal adjustments or select between two sources.Optional wall mountable Bose Volume control with A/B switch userinterface allows volume and source selection controls to be placed awayfrom the amplifier for user convenience
  • Retail Shops, Restaurants & Schools
  • Amplification for premium sound from a reliable, high quality Class-D amplifier provides optimized performance and premium sound quality through the use of internal digital signal processing
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