Using the HDMI to SDI 3G micro converter from BLACKMAGIC DESIGN to connect HDMI cameras and computers to SDI equipment for broadcast quality. Professional 3G-SDI connections are compatible with all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60. It features a pocket sized broadcast quality converter along with SDI re-clocking.

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The BLACKMAGIC DESIGN's HDMI to SDI 3G micro converter is a visual accessories that connect HDMI cameras and computers to SDI equipment for broadcast quality. Professional 3G-SDI connections are well suited with all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60. The 3G-SDI outputs can be set to level A or level B formats, and the converter supports feature film video formats. The converter can be powered through its USB connection, or the included 100 to 240V AC power supply with 4 adapters. Miniature size and rugged design make this converter an outstanding preference for professional broadcasts, live productions, and on set use.

High quality components in a micro design make this converter perfect for all types of broadcast, live production, and on set use. Turn a computer display, TV, or video projector into professional level colour calibrated broadcast monitoring. Run a slide show on a computer with a converter for broadcast first-rate titles throughout a live production. The converter works with 8 and 10-bit video formats, in RGB or YUV, and in all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60.

Precision-engineered electronics generate very low SDI jitter so SDI cables may be extended over long distances. The converter also makes use of high quality signal processing and deep bit depth video pipeline. Built-in SDI re-clocking on the 3G-SDI output helps longer cable period setups. SDI re-clocking regenerates SDI video, reduces SDI jitter, and improves SDI eye pattern. Those modifications arise before the converter sends the signal to other device so even degraded SDI signals can be used.

Custom hardware design supports technical features crucial to high end broadcast use. HDMI and SDI timecode conversion fully support timecode in general and high definition video formats. This means any HDMI device assisting timecode can be converted to SDI to get that timecode into larger broadcast systems. Electronics meet contemporary global broadcast specifications, and the converter is designed to be up to date with new requirements in the future.

Enjoy accurate colour monitoring with a 3D LUT. With the 3D LUT you can apply custom looks, colour, and gamma modifications in real time. The 3D LUT feature can use the converter as a 3D LUT processor, offer colour calibration on your monitor, and is well matched with DaVinci Resolve primary colour corrector.

Converter Features:
- Pocket sized broadcast quality converter
- Powered via USB connection or included AC power supply
- 3G-SDI connections support all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60
- Convert HDMI cameras to professional SDI
- Converter utility software free download to change settings and update converter software
- 3D LUT provides accurate color monitoring
- HDMI timecode support
- SDI re-clocking

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