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AUDIX OM2 Handheld Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone

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The Audix OM2 is a handheld hypercardioid dynamic microphone designed to deliver highly directional capture of vocals and instruments in recording sessions and live stage applications. It boasts low handling noise and a hypercardioid polar pattern, which not only minimizes feedback caused by nearby monitors and speakers, but also reduces the pickup of stage bleed and room ambience.
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The Audix OM2 is a dynamic microphone that may be used on stage, at home, or in the studio. This microphone reproduces sound clearly and accurately, is resistant to feedback, and can handle very high SPLs without distortion. The OM2 vocal dynamic microphone has a tight, consistent pattern that isolates vocals from stage instrumentation. The OM2 uses a VLMTM diaphragm with a wide frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz for a clean, accurate sound with great voice response. The OM2 hypercardioid microphone, which has a moderate bass proximity and a tailored mid-range, produces a full-bodied sound on small to mid-sized PA systems while maintaining real sound on large or professional PA systems.


  • Handheld Dynamic
  • Hypercardioid pattern
  • 140dB SPL
  • Proprietary anti-feedback design
  • Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille
  • Black E-coat finish
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • VLM Very low mass diphragm
  • Reduced phase shift
  • Superior transient response
  • Pouch & clip included
  • Application specific microphones
  • Individually tested & hand assembled
  • Highest levels of gain before feedback
  • Exceptioanl off-axis rejection
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