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SENNHEISER MD 421 II Microphone

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The SENNHEISER's MD 421 II is a dynamic microphone with large diaphragm, handles high sound pressure levels, making it a natural for recording guitars and drums.

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The SENNHEISER's MD 421 II is a cardioid dynamic microphone that has become prominent in the recording and broadcasting industries. Due to its adjustable bass control, the MD 421-II is favoured for its ability to handle a range of applications. The microphone has a 5-position bass roll-off control with a 30 to 17,000 Hz frequency response. The cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects off-axis noise induced by room acoustics and noise, as well as providing effective feedback rejection, which is frequently caused by monitors placed close together.

The MD 421-II has a dynamic capsule that allows for consistent signal response whether the device is used up close or at a reasonable distance. This is especially beneficial in broadcast applications, where broadcasters and DJs don't have to stay completely still. The MD 421-II can also tolerate extremely high sound pressure levels, making it ideal for miking instruments with a fast transient response (peak).

  • Dynamic Capsule Design
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • 5-Position Bass Roll-Off
  • Includes Lock-On Stand Adapter
  • 30 to 17,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • Excellent Off-Axis Rejection
  • Even Signal Response @ All Distance
  • Handles High SPL
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30 - 17000 Hz
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