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RCF F 10XR Analog Mixer

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RCF's new F Series mixers evolve from E Series analog lineage, offering high-quality sound across 6 to 24 channels. Designed by RCF R&D, with full balanced audio path, robust chassis, and unique PRO DSP FX. F-10XR, F-12XR, F-16XR, F-24XR models feature USB audio interface for recording and playback.
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RCF F 10XR Analog Mixer.With high-quality sound in five formats ranging from 6 to 24 channels, RCF's new F Series mixers build on the rich analogue heritage found in the professional E Series. Totally conceptualised and created by the RCF R&D team, this powerful tool is ideal for musicians and sound enthusiasts. Each mixer comes with a full balanced audio path from input to output with the exclusive PRO DSP FX: 16 professional effects like Reverbs (Halls, Rooms, Plates, Spring), Delays (Mono, Stereo, and Multitap), Chorus, Flangers, and Echoes. The mixers are housed in a strong metal chassis. For stereo recording on a computer-based DAW and 2-channel playback, the models F-10XR, F-12XR, F-16XR, and F-24XR all come with a USB audio interface.


  • Sturdy Metal Chassis
  • PRO DSP FX onboard with 16 presets
  • Stereo Recording and Playback via USB port
  • Balanced main output audio path from input to output
  • 2 single control compressors
  • Mono channels provided with 3-band EQ. 2-band EQ on stereo channels.
  • Robust, compact and attractive design.
  • Designed and Engineered in Italy
  • External Universal Power Supply
Frequency Response :
: 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
Input connectors :
: XLR, Jack, RCA
Output connectors :
: XLR, Jack
Voltage requirements :
: 100 V - 240 V
Height :
: 82 mm / 3.23 inches
Width :
: 294 mm / 11.57 inches
Depth :
: 275 mm / 10.83 inches
Weight :
: 2.8 kg / 6.17 lbs