Yamaha VXS8W 8“ 90W Passive Speaker - Pair

8" 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers, 70V, 100V, or 8 ohm operation

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VXS speakers come with a dedicated bracket for safe, trouble-free speaker installation. Speakers can be mounted temporarily, freeing your hands to adjust mounting angles, which can now be configured consistently with ease thanks to the gear guides in the bracket connectors. Furthermore, the bracket base allows VXS Series speakers to be mounted on both walls and ceilings without the need to prepare a different set of brackets.

Tech Specs

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Brand: Yamaha
Continuous Power: 90W
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
100V High Impedance: 60W (170Ω), 30W (330Ω), 15W (670Ω)
70V High Impedance: 60W (83Ω), 30W (170Ω), 15W (330Ω), 7.5W (670Ω)
Maximum Peak SPL: 117dB
Frequency Range: 51Hz - 20kHz
Dust / Water Protection: IP35
Weight: 8kg
Height: 43cm
Width: 28cm
Depth: 24cm
Manufacturer Part Number: VXS8W
Country of Origin: Japan

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